cover-200-whiteStep into the world of Mr. Walker and Mrs. Johnson as you help them complete their first, and possibly your first, commercial real estate transaction. ‘Make Money on Main Street’ the first work by commercial real estate expert Philip Okun is written to include you in the transactions this book describes. You will be able to take the skills demonstrated in this book to the real world and make them work for you. As a real estate professional or someone looking to invest in the world of Main Street commercial real estate, this book will prove an invaluable tool that you will refer back to over and over again!

All transactions in the book are taken from actual life experience and include all the details you need to complete them yourself. Forms, a glossary, and simple explanation of all the complex concepts needed to be successful are in this book and available on the website.”

100 pages – $9.99 (paperback) | $5.99 (digital download)
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